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Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives




Fitness Information Technology, a division of the International Center for Performance Excellence at West Virginia University, que dirige Andrew C. Ostrow, anuncia la publicación de Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives, de Tony Morris, Peter Terry y Sandy Gordon.

Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives represents the collection of extended papers by the invited keynote speakers and two early career awardees at the 11th ISSP World Congress of Sport Psychology.

The 10 papers of this collection, edited by Tony Morris, Peter Terry, and Sandy Gordon, are grouped together in pairs in five different topics:

Sport Psychology Theory and Practice

Sport Psychology Practice

Psychology of Exercise

Cognitive Psychology and Psychophysiology

Motor Skill and Expert Performance

The chapters in Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives reflect a range of important work in sport and exercise psychology, as well as clearly demonstrate the significant impact that the contributors have had on the field. Chapters in this book are destined to become classics in the field, pulling together substantial bodies of work by the presenters and their colleagues.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives

Chapter 2: Self-Theories: The Mindset of a Champion

Chapter 3: Physical Self: Its Examination from Cultural and Mental Well-Being Perspectives

Chapter 4: A Personal Construct Psychology Perspective on Sport and Exercise Psychology Research: The Example of Mental Toughness

Chapter 5: Lessons Learned from Sport Psychology Consulting

Chapter 6: Applied Exercise Psychology: Promoting Activity and Evaluating Outcomes

Chapter 7: Exercise Relative to Other Treatments for Reduction of Anxiety/Depression: Overcoming the Principle of Least Effort

Chapter 8: A Psychological Approach to the Organization of Voluntary Movements

Chapter 9: Cognitive Neuroscience Aspects of Sport Psychology: Brain Mechanisms Underlying Performance

Chapter 10: Issues in Motor Learning for Instructional Strategies

Chapter 11: Understanding Skilled Performance: Memory, Attention, and Choking under Pressure

Chapter 12: Epilogue to Sport and Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives

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