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Tehran conference


Tehran Municipality

Woman and girls, let’s move

International Conference

27- 28 November, 2010

Tehran, Iran

The Sport Organization of the Municipality of Tehran invites all members of the sport community to participate in an international conference which is conducted as a joint venture of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport of Girls and Women (IAPESGW) and the city of Tehran. The conference aims at an exchange of knowledge and an increase of co-operation in the area of sport sciences and physical education.

About the conference: There is abundant evidence, that sport and physical exercises have a positive impact on health, well being and social relations. However, it is very difficult to motivate people to participate in recreational activities, in particular in large cities, where the environment and/or the lack of facilities do not encourage sports and fitness activities. Whereas boys and young men can find opportunities to play football or other sports, the majority of women and girls do not participate in physical exercises and sports.

The aim of the conference is to share experiences, information and scientific knowledge about the “movement culture” of girls and women: Their opinions and attitudes towards sport (for all), their motivations and barriers, their experiences and practices will be explored. Important topics of the conference are also the reasons for sport participation and inactivity as well as the strategies and measures to encourage an active life style among the population in large cities. Here physical education plays a large role. Therefore the quality of PE, in particular for girls, will be a focus on this event.

One day before the conference, an IAPESGW workshop with the same topic will take place where IAPESGW members and Iranian experts exchange knowledge and expertise.

The result of this workshop will be presented at the conference.

Key notes: IAPESGW is supporting developments in Iran and the event that is inviting the following guest contributors (see website under New Executive Board for details www.iapesgw.org

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