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The Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD)


         Welcome to the Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD)!  This website contains information about sports movies that have a sport psychological theme.  Either click the links below to go to the listings of movies, or if you are a first time visitor, you may want to read the information that is below the links.

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What is the SPMD?

                The Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD) is a listing of movies that depict sport psychology themes.  The purpose is to provide a resource for sport psychologists to find movies to enhance their teaching and their consulting.  The list of titles was compiled from input by the members the SPORTPSY discussion group.  Each movie in the database is indexed by the theme(s) depicted and by the sport or activity that is central to the movie.

How do I use the SPMD?

                The SPMD has three indexes: an alphabetical listing, a theme listing, and a sport listing.  From each index you can go to information on the specific movies.  The SPMD was designed so you can surf around between movies with the same theme, the same sport, or just look at the movie listings.  So play around and see what you can find!

What information does the SPMD contain?

                The SPMD currently lists about 150 movies.  In addition to the sport psychology theme(s) of each movie, the SPMD lists the major sport or activity, a brief plot description, a rating from 1 to 5 running shoes, and a link to the Internet Movie Database for more complete information on the movie.  There is also a link to provide input about the movie or about other movies that you think should be added to the SPMD.

What are the themes?

                There are about 25 themes that are used to index the movies.  These themes were derived from input provided by users of an initial version of this database.  This original input was categorized into the 25 themes, ranging from "Aggression" to "Youth Sport".  A movie may have many themes, as a movie usually depicts a variety of issues (A League of Their Own has the most at 14).  The themes indicated for a movie in the database are not meant to be exhaustive, but they should be indicative of the major themes in the movie.  You may disagree with the themes listed for any movie, as one viewer may see things in a movie that another does not.  As the SPMD develops, these themes may change.  These themes are far from exhaustive and are highly subjective.

What if I know of a movie that is not in the SPMD and I think it is a good one?

                There is a form that you can complete to suggest movies for the SPMD or to offer your opinions on movies already in the SPMD.  There a number of movies in the SPMD that I have not seen, are currently not rated, and have no themes identified.  These movies are listed because someone provided the title as one that should be in the database, but provided no other information.  If you have information or opinions on these movies, please complete the information formYou should also feel free to complete this form if you want to suggest an additional theme for a movie already listed, or if you want to rate the movie.

 How can I use the movies in the SPMD to enhance my teaching and consulting?

                Good question.  There are a variety of resources for using film to illustrate psychological issues to either students or clients.  I hope to have a list of these resources available soon.  I welcome any suggestions the users of the SPMD may have on how to best use the movies in the database.  Please e-mail me at sportsmovies@yahoo.com.

                The SPMD is a work in progress and will evolve with your input. Please add your opinions about movies to the database.  If you have suggestions for improving the SPMD, please contact me at sportsmovies@yahoo.com

My thanks go to the members of the SPORTPSY discussion list for their movie input, VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever and the IMDB for information on the movies, and the Athletic Counseling students at Springfield College for help with creating the theme categories.

The SPMD was created and is maintained by Allen Cornelius


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