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Advances in Sport Psychology by Thelma S. Horn


Advances in Sport Psychology by Thelma S. Horn

Copyright 2008 ISBN: 0736057358
ISBN13: 9780736057356


Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction to Sport Psychology
Chapter 1. The Nature of Sport Psychology
Anthony Kontos, PhD; and Deborah Feltz, PhD
Perspectives on Sport Psychology
Roles of Sport Psychologists
Historical Evolution of Sport Psychology
Current Issues
Future Research Directions
Chapter 2. Quantitative Research Methodology
David E. Conroy, PhD, Miranda P. Kaye, and Lindsey H. Schantz
The Common Goals of Scientists and Practitioners
The Scientific Method for Inferring Causality
Research Trends
Chapter 3. Qualitative Research Methodology
Robert J. Brustad, PhD
Defining Qualitative Research
Research Traditions in Sport Psychology
Qualitative Research in Sport Psychology
Future Research Directions
Part II. Individual Difference and Sport Behavior
Chapter 4. Self-Perceptual Systems and Physical Activity
Kenneth R. Fox, PhD, and Philip M. Wilson, PhD
The Self-System
The Self in Physical Activity
Conclusion and Future Research Directions
Chapter 5. Self-Confidence in Sport
Robin S. Vealey, PhD, and Melissa A. Chase, PhD
Definitions and Conceptual Approaches
Measuring Self-Confidence in Sport
Research Advances
Conclusion and Future Research Directions
Chapter 6. Attributions and Perceived Control
Stephanie J. Hanrahan, PhD, and Stuart J.H. Biddle, PhD
Definitions and Conceptual Approaches
Measuring Attributions
Research Advances
Further Perspectives on Control
Future Research Directions
Chapter 7. Motivational Orientations and Sport Behavior
Maureen R. Weiss, PhD, and Anthony J. Amorose, PhD
Participation Motivation and Attrition
Competence Motivation Theory
Self-Determination Theory
Expectancy-Value Theory
Sport Commitment Model
Chapter 8. Achievement Goal Theories in Sport
Chris Harwood,PhD, Christopher M. Spray, and Richard Keegan
Nicholls' Approach to Achievement Goals
Dweck's Model of Achievement Motivation
Approach-Avoidance Achievement Goals
Situational Factors in Achievement Goal Research
Future Research Directions
Chapter 9. Moral Development in Sport and Physical Activity
Maureen R. Weiss, PhD, Alan L. Smith, PhD, and Cheryl P. Stuntz, PhD
Historical Perspectives
Theoretical Perspectives
Research Advances
Moral Development Interventions
Future Research Directions
Part III. Socioenvironmental Factors and Sport Behavior
Chapter 10. Group Dynamics in Sport and Exercise
Albert V. Carron, EdD, and Lawrence R. Brawley, PhD
A Group Defined
Group Dynamics in Sport Teams
Theoretical Approaches in Group Dynamics
Group Size
Collective Efficacy
Nature of Group Cohesion
Correlates of Cohesiveness
Remedying Research Pitfalls
Research Advances
Future Research Directions
Chapter 11. Coaching Effectiveness in the Sport Domain
Thelma S. Horn, PhD
Conceptual Approaches
Working Model of Coaching Effectiveness
Coaches' Behavior
Direct Antecedents of Coaches' Behavior
Antecedents of Coaches' Expectancies, Values, Beliefs, and Goals
Direct Effects of Coaches' Behavior on Athletes' Performance and Behavior
Athletes' Perceptions or Interpretations of Their Coaches' Behavior
Link Between Coaches' Behavior and Athletes' Self-Perceptions and Level of Motivation
Future Research Directions
Chapter 12. Social Influence in Sport
Julie A. Partridge, PhD, Robert J. Brustad, PhD, and Megan L. Babkes Stellino, EdD
Conceptualizing Social Influence
Developmental Considerations in Relation to Social Influence
Parental Influences on Children's Sport Participation
Peer Influence in Sport and Physical Activity
Sibling Social Influence
Part IV. Psychological Skills, Intervention Techniques, and Sport Behavior
Chapter 13. Imagery in Sport, Exercise, and Dance
Shane Murphy, PhD, Sanna Nordin, PhD, and Jennifer Cumming, PhD
The Neuroscience of Imagery
Applied Models of Imagery in Sport Psychology
A Neurocognitive Model of Imagery in Sport, Exercise, and Dance
Research Advances
Future Research Directions
Chapter 14. Attentional Processes and Sport Performance
Stephen H. Boutcher, PhD
Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives of Attention
Information-Processing Perspective
Social Psychological Perspectives
Psychophysiological Perspectives
Synthesis of Theoretical Perspectives
Applied Perspectives on Attentional Control
Chapter 15. Fundamental Goal Concepts for Process and Performance Success
Damon Burton, PhD, and Cheryl Weiss
Defining Goals
How Goals Work
State and Trait Conceptions of Goals
Goal Effectiveness
Updated Competitive Goal-Setting Model
Competitive Goal Setting Model Overview
Choosing the Right Type of Goal
Measurement Issues in Goal Setting
Future Research Directions
Chapter 16. The Flow Perspective of Optimal Experience in Sport and Physical Activity
Susan A. Jackson, PhD, and Jay C. Kimiecik, PhD
Optimal Experience in Sport
Definition and Dimensions of Flow
Research Advances
Measurement Challenges
Scientific Paradigms
Future Research Directions
Chapter 17. Athletic Injury and Sport Behavior
Eileen Udry, PhD, and Mark B. Andersen, PhD
Definitions and Measurement Challenges
Injury Antecedents
A Stress-Based Model of Athletic Injury
Injury Responses
Future Research Directions

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