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The Sport Psychologist


The Sport Psychologist

Volume 22, Issue 3 (September 2008)

Applied Research

An Exploratory Examination Into the Effect of Absence Due to Hypothetical Injury on Collective Efficacy
Gregory C. Damato, J. Robert Grove, Robert C. Eklund, Scott L. Cresswell
pages 253-268

Athletes' Perceptions of Coaching Effectiveness and Athlete-Related Outcomes in Rugby Union: An Investigation Based on the Coaching Efficacy Model
Ian D. Boardley, Maria Kavussanu, Christopher Ring
pages 269-287

Is What You Think What You Get? Optimizing Mental Focus for Technical Performance
Alan MacPherson, Dave Collins, Calvin Morriss
pages 288-303

Effects of Self-Handicapping Strategies on Anxiety Before Athletic Performance
Guillaume R. Coudevylle, Kathleen A. Martin Ginis, Jean-Pierre Famose, Christophe Gernigon
pages 304-315

"Bouncing Back" From Adversity: Athletes' Experience of Resilience
Nick Galli, Robin S. Vealey
pages 316-335

High Altitude Climbers as Ethnomethodologists Making Sense of Cognitive Dissonance: Ethnographic Insights From an Attempt to Scale Mt. Everest
Shaunna Burke, Andrew C. Sparkes, Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson
pages 336-355
Professional Practice

What Works When Working With Athletes
Angela M. Fifer, Keith Henschen, Daniel Gould, Ken Ravizza
pages 356-377
Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board
pages 378-379

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