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20140618232400-journal-medi.jpgDear Colleague,
I am pleased to announce to you that the issue (May 2014) of the International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IJMMS) is out. You can view it with the link below:
Kindly support this journal by sending your manuscript to us. The scope of articles for this journal includes case studies, theoretical and empirically based research.
All manuscript shall be peer reviewed and selection will be based on the strength of quality, originality and contribution to knowledge. The Journal stresses on academic excellence, research rigor, knowledge dissemination and collaborative scholarly efforts.
IJMMS welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the above criteria for publication. Kindly send your manuscript as e-mail attachment to the editorial office at: ijmms@internationalinventjournals.org OR manuscript@internationalinventjournals.org to submit your manuscript if it does not fall within this field of study.
IJMMS editorial board makes objective and quick decision on each manuscript and informs the corresponding author within three weeks of submission. If the editorial board accepts the paper, it will be published in the next available issue. Publications are made monthly (one volume per year) by International Invention Journals.
All published manuscripts and instruction for author will be available on the Journal’s website at www.internationalinventjournals.org
Open Access Journals
We are fully committed to providingunrestricted access to all journals as soon they are published. Kindly support this initiative by publishing your papers in this journal. We strongly believe that our journal will help to develop your own professional career.

Editors and Reviewers
IJMMS is seeking for qualified and high profile researchers to join our editorial team as chief editors, associate-editors, editors or reviewers. Kindly contact the editorial office at ijmms@internationalinventjournals.org
Best regards,
Michelle Nena
Editorial Assistant,
International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (IJMMS)
E-mail: ijmms@internationalinventjournals.org
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