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Population physical activity behaviour change: A review for the European College of Sport Science

Stuart J.H. Biddlea, Walter Brehmb, Marieke Verheijdencd & Marijke Hopman-Rockcd

European Journal of Sport Science

Volume 12, Issue 4, 2012

Special Issue:


The academic study of sport and exercise science has expanded greatly into the arena of public health over the past 20 years or more and Europe has played a significant role in this. It is opportune to review evidence concerning ways to change population levels of physical activity for health. This paper summarises such evidence by using a lifespan approach with physical activity behaviour change for children and adolescents, adults and older adults. Correlates of physical activity are identified and the outcome of interventions is discussed. Intervention success has been variable often due to weak fidelity and short-term implementation, and process evaluation is missing from many such studies. Nevertheless, evidence points to possible behaviour change across all age groups and through multiple settings, including schools, worksites and the community.


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