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The Sport Psychologist

Vol 26 No 1 2012 (Human Kinetics)

Applied Research Assessing Mental Skill and Technique Use in Applied Interventions: Recognizing and Minimizing Threats to the Psychometric Properties of the TOPS av Charlotte Woodcock, Joan L. Duda, Jennifer Cumming, Lee-Ann Sharp & Mark J.G. Holland • NCAA Division-I Administrators' Perceptions of the Benefits of Sport Psychology Services and Possible Roles for a Consultant av Craig Wrisberg, Jenny Lind Withycombe, Duncan Simpson, Lauren A. Loberg & Ann Reed • Canadian Curling Coaches' Use of Psychological Skills Training av Kyle J. Paquette & Philip Sullivan • Collegiate Basketball Players' Experiences of Being Coached During a Turnaround Season av Andrea J. Becker • Emotions in Team Contact Sports: A Systematic Review av Mickaël Campo, Stephen Mellalieu, Claude Ferrand, Guillaume Martinent & Elisabeth Rosnet • A Phenomenological Investigation of Gymnasts' Lived Experience of Imagery av Phillip G. Post, Craig A. Wrisberg • The Relation of Coaching Context and Coach Education to Coaching Efficacy and Perceived Leadership Behaviors in Youth Sport av Philip Sullivan, Kyle J. Paquette, Nicholas L. Holt & Gordon A. Bloom • Professional Practice Female Athletes' Perceptions of Teammate Conflict in Sport: Implications for Sport Psychology Consultants av Nicholas L. Holt, Camilla J. Knight & Peter Zukiwski.

Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Vol 1 No 1 2012 (American Psychological Association) 

About Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology av Jeffrey J. Martin; Climate change in the dance studio: Findings from the UK centres for advanced training av Sanna M. Nordin-Bates, Eleanor Quested, Imogen J. Walker & Emma Redding; Mental skills for musicians: Managing music performance anxiety and enhancing performance av Sophie L. Hoffman & Stephanie J. Hanrahan; Dispositional perfectionism and well-being: A test of the 2 x 2 model of perfectionism in the sport domain av Patrick Gaudreau & Jérémie Verner-Filion; Youth perceptions of a caring climate, emotional regulation, and psychological well-being av Mary D. Fry, Marta Guivernau, Mi-sook Kim, Maria Newton, Lori A. Gano–Overway & T. Michelle Magyar; Profile of masculine norms and help-seeking stigma in college football av Jesse A. Steinfeldt & Matthew Clint Steinfeldt.


Psychology of Sport and Exercise

Vol 13 No 4 2012 (Elsevier)

Highlighted articles Self-regulated learning in physical education: Examining the effects of emulative and self-control practice av Athanasios Kolovelonis, Marios Goudas, Maria Hassandra & Irini Dermitzaki; Effects of three training types on vitality among older adults: A self-determination theory perspective av Paul A. Solberg, Will G. Hopkins, Yngvar Ommundsen & Hallgeir Halvari; “Get it out the way. The wait's killing me.” hastening and hiding during soccer penalty kicks av Philip Furley, Matt Dicks, Fabian Stendtke & Daniel Memmert; Relationship between biological markers and psychological states in elite basketball players across a competitive season av Claudio Robazza, Sabina Gallina, Maria Angela D'Amico, Pascal Izzicupo, Adriana Bascelli, Alessia Di Fonso, Claudio Mazzaufo, Andrea Capobianco & Angela Di Baldassarre; Sport Psychology Athletes’ ease of imaging predicts their imagery and observational learning use av Sarah E. Williams & Jennifer Cumming; The social environment and developmental experiences in elite youth soccer av Ian M. Taylor & Mark W. Bruner; Contextual and individual influences on antisocial behaviour and psychobiosocial states of youth soccer players av Laura Bortoli, Giovanni Messina, Maurizio Zorba & Claudio Robazza; Effects of anxiety, a cognitive secondary task, and expertise on gaze behavior and performance in a far aiming task av Nicky Nibbeling, Raôul R.D. Oudejans & Hein A.M. Daanen; Exploring the retirement from sport decision-making process based on the transtheoretical model av Sunghee Park & David Tod, David Lavallee;

Influence of perceived and preferred coach feedback on youth athletes' perceptions of team motivational climate av Jonathan Stein, Gordon A. Bloom & Catherine M. Sabiston; Goal orientations, perceived motivational climate, and motivational outcomes in football: A comparison between training and competition contexts av Pepijn K.C. van de Pol, Maria Kavussanu & Christopher Ring; Exercise Psychology Fitness correlates of obligatory versus health motives for exercise: An examination of men in the military av Jennifer N. Wilson, Charlotte N. Markey & Patrick M. Markey; When working hard and working out go hand in hand: Generality between undergraduates' academic- and exercise-related self-regulatory efficacy beliefs av Ben Jackson & James A. Dimmock; Role and group identity and adjustment to the possibility of running group disbandment av Shaelyn M. Strachan, Chris A. Shields, Ainsley Glassford & Jenna Beatty; Sport participation and stress among women and men av Melinda Asztalos, Katrien Wijndaele, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Renaat Philippaerts, Lynn Matton, Nathalie Duvigneaud, Martine Thomis, Johan Lefevre & Greet Cardon; The effect of exercise absence on affect and body dissatisfaction as moderated by obligatory exercise beliefs and eating disordered beliefs and behaviors av Marie L. LePage, Matthew Price, Patrick O’Neil & Janis H. Crowther.


Journal of Sport & Exercise Psycology

Vol 34 No 2 2012 (Human Kinetics)

Original Research Perfectionistic Profiles Among Elite Athletes and Differences in Their Motivational Orientations av Daniel F. Gucciardi, John Mahoney, Geoffrey Jalleh, Robert J. Donovan & Jarred Parkes; Assessing Coach Motivation: The Development of the Coach Motivation Questionnaire (CMQ) av Kristy N. McLean, Clifford J. Mallett & Peter Newcombe; Put Yourself in Their Boots: Effects of Empathy on Emotion and Aggression av Nicholas Stanger, Maria Kavussanu & Christopher Ring; Pregnancy—Should Women Put Up Their Feet or Lace Up Their Running Shoes?: Self-Presentation and the Exercise Stereotype Phenomenon During Pregnancy av Anca Gaston, Anita Grace Cramp & Harry Prapavessis; Three Generalizability Studies of the Components of Perceived Coach Support av Tim Rees, Paul Freeman, Steve Bell & Ross Bunney; Research Notes Virtual and Live Social Facilitation While Exergaming: Competitiveness Moderates Exercise Intensity av Amanda L. Snyder, Cay Anderson-Hanley & Paul J. Arciero; Autonomous Regulation Mode Moderates the Effect of Actual Physical Activity on Affective States: An Ambulant Assessment Approach to the Role of Self-Determination av Martina Kanning, Ulrich Ebner-Priemer & Ralf Brand.

Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology

Vol 6 No 1 2012 (Human Kinetics)

 TEMA: Psychophysiology and Neuroscience in Sport

Psychophysiology and Neuroscience in Sport: Introduction av Leonard Zaichkowsky • Neural, Mood, and Endocrine Responsese in Elite Athletes Relative to Successful and Failed Performance Videos av Henry Davis IV, Sari M. van Anders, Elton T. Ngan, Todd S. Woodward, Jared X. Van Snellenberg, Helen S. Mayberg, Mario Liotti • Multimodal Analysis: New Approaches to the Concussion Conundrum av James W.G. Thompson, David Hagedorn • Setting the Balance: Using Biofeedback and Neurofeedback With Gymnasts av Lindsay Shaw, Leonard Zaichkowsky, Vietta Wilson • An Integrated Biofeedback and Psychological Skills Training Program for Canada's Olympic Short-Track Speedskating Team av Marla K. Beauchamp, Richard H. Harvey, Pierre H Beauchamp • Perceptual-Cognitive Training of Athletes av Jocelyn Faubert, Lee Sidebottom • Special Issue on Psychophysiology and Neuroscience in Sport: Final Thoughts av Frank L. Gardner.

Journal of Applied Sport Psychology

Vol 24 No 2 2012 (Routledge)

Athletic Identity and Conformity to Masculine Norms Among College Football Players av Matthew Steinfeldt & Jesse A. Steinfeldt • Influence of Retirement on Body Satisfaction and Weight Control Behaviors: Perceptions of Elite Rhythmic Gymnasts av Ashley E. Stirling, Lisanne C. Cruz & Gretchen A. Kerr • Examining the Relationship Between Mental Toughness and Imagery Use av Paige Mattie & Krista Munroe-Chandler • Team Attributions in Sport: A Meta-Analysis av Luc J. Martin & Albert V. Carron • A Parental Perspective on Adolescent Injury Rehabilitation and Return to Sport Experiences av Leslie Podlog, Jens Kleinert, James Dimmock, John Miller & Amber M. Shipherd • Parents’ Reflections on their Child's Experiences of Emotionally Abusive Coaching Practices av Gretchen A. Kerr & Ashley E. Stirling • Organizational Stress and Coping in U.S. Professional Soccer av Elsa Kristiansen, Daniel Murphy & Glyn C. Roberts • Temporal Aspects of Team Cognition: A Case Study on Concerns Sharing Within Basketball av Jérôme Bourbousson, Germain Poizat, Jacques Saury & Carole Sève.

International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Vol 5 No 1 2012 (Routledge)

Editorial av Aidan Moran • Understanding the timing of motor imagery: recent findings and future directions av Aymeric Guillot, Nady Hoyek, Magali Louis & Christian Collet • A biocultural model of maturity-associated variance in adolescent physical activity av Sean P. Cumming, Lauren B. Sherar, Dominika M. Pindus, Manuel J. Coelho-e-Silva, Robert M. Malina & Paula R. Jardine • Music in the exercise domain: a review and synthesis (Part I) av Costas I. Karageorghis & David-Lee Priest • Music in the exercise domain: a review and synthesis (Part II) av Costas I. Karageorghis & David-Lee Priest.


International Journal of Sport Psychology

Vol 42 No 6 2011 (Edizioni Luigi Pozzi)

Mental toughness, Coping Self-Efficacy, and Coping effectiveness among athletes av Adam R. Nicholls, Andrew R. Levy, Remco C. J. Polman & Lee Crust; Spatial ability and motor performance: assessing mental rotation processes in elite and novice athletes av David Moreau, Annie Mansy-Dannay, Jérôme Clerc & Alain Guerrién; Sports-related correlates of disordered eating: A comparison between aesthetic and ballgame sports av Eva M. Krentz & Petra Warschburger; Longitudinal analysis of sport commitment types: Does injury play a role? av Windee M. Weiss; Stage-specific prediction of physical activity in orthopaedic patients after rehabilitation treatment av Jeanette Jackson, Sonia Lippke & Colin D. Gray.


International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Vol 9 No 4 2011 (Routledge)

Coping with negative media content: The experiences of professional football goalkeepers av E. Kristiansen, G. C. Roberts & M. K. Sisjord • Sport psychology consulting among Swedish premier soccer coaches av U. Johnson, K. Andersson & J. FallbySexual harassment perceptions among Puerto Rican female former athletes av Enid A. Rodríguez & Diane L. Gill • Developmental pathways of Singapore's high-performance basketball coaches av Koon Teck Koh, Clifford J. Mallett & Chee Keng John Wang • Ferruccio Antonelli: His work and legacy av Alberto Cei.


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