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The event that will be held on the dates of May 28th through June 1st, 2012



PhD. Rafael de la Torre Fornell

MsC. Mario Granda Fraga

Present and future of fight against the doping

PhD. Kevin Norton

Programs of identification and development of talents for high performance sportsmen in Australia

PhD. Terry Orlick

Focuses on excellence in the High Performance and high competitive goals

PhD. Peter Klaus Herms

Problems of the dynamic growth in young sportsmen

PhD. Eugenio Pérez Córdoba

Professional competitions of the psychologist of sports

PhD.  Armando Pancorbo Sandoval

Physical activity in prevention and treatment of the disease cardiovascular and diabetes mellitus

PhD. Gladys Bequer Díaz

Physical activity in terms of health. Experiences and Challenge



Preconference Courses will develop during the days of the 27 to the May 29, in the facilities of the Institute of Sport Medicine; address located in Street 10 with Avenue 100 and 14 Street, Embil, Municipality Boyeros, Havana, Cuba.

NOTE: Registration of participants will accept to complete the capabilities of conference rooms.

International certification of the International Society of Advance Kineantropometry ( ISAK ).

Professor: PhD. Peter Klaus Herms

Date: 26 to the May 28

Duration: 12 Hours

National Delegates 10,00 CUC

NOTE: The course is devoted only to Cuban participants with previous registration.

Focus on top-level workout: Pre, inter and after competition.

Professor: PhD. Terry Orlick

Date: 28 and May 29

Duration: 9 Hours

Cost of registration: Foreigner Delegates 30,00 CUC

Nationals Delegates 40,00 CUP

Foreign students 10,00 CUC

Echography of the osteomioarticular system and his particularities (theoretic- practical Course).

Professor: PhD. Ricardo Anillo Badía and MSc. Emilio Villanueva Cagigas

Date: 28 and May 29

Duration: 9 Hours

Cost of registration: Foreigner Delegates 30,00 CUC

Nationals Delegates 40,00 CUP

Foreign students 10 CUC

Attention and perception in Sports

Professor: PhD. Eugene Pérez Córdoba

Date: 28 and May 29

Duration: 9 Hours

Cost of registration: Foreigners Delegates 30,00 CUC

Nationals Delegated 40,00 CUP

Foreign Students 10,00 CUC

Modern focussing of causality and the bias in experimental and observational studies in applied sciences of sports.

Professor: PhD. George Bacallao Gallestey

Date on: 28 and May 29

Duration: 9 Hours

Cost of registration: Foreigners Delegates 30,00 CUC

National Delegates 40,00 CUP

Foreign Students 10,00 CUC


The Cuban School of volleyball, his evolution and multi-factorial analysis of the competitive result.

Biomedical control of physical preparation in sports of force and muscular potency in elite sportsmen.

Evolution of competitive results in sportsmen of combat and biomedical control of the sports workout.

Field test as useful tools for the competitive modeling.

Practical value of psychological control of the sports workout.

The baseball of the century XXI and challenges presented to applied sciences of the sports.

Equine therapy: Physical activity and sports.

Control and education anti-doping.

Fisioprofilaxis and rehabilitation in human activity.

Traumatology and sports.

Biomechanics and its integration in biomedical control of the sports workout. Selection of sportive talents.

Cardiology and sports.


Advances in regenerative therapy and his application in sportsmen.

Sports, essential instrument in social integration of people with disability.


Nutrition and Sports.

Methodological problems of the kineantropometry applied to the sports.


Post congress Courses will develop during the days of the 1 to the May 2, in the facilities of the Institute of Sport Medicine, address located in Street 10 with Avenue 100 and 14 Street, Embil, Municipality Boyeros, Havana, Cuba.

NOTE: Registration of participants will accepted to complete the capabilities of conference rooms.


Dedicated fundamentally to the Cuban doctors and physiotherapists that will attend the sportsmen selected to participate in the Olympic Games of London 2012

Professor: German instructor: Jens Taubert.

Date: June 2

Duration: 3 Hours

Cost of registration: Foreigners Delegates 30, 00 CUC

National Delegates 10,00 CUP

Foreign Students 10,00 CUC


Authors of free oral topics and posters must deliver their abstracts to the Scientific Committee before 15 March, 2012 to: congresoimd2012@gmail.com  

The Scientific Committee shall analyze the delivered abstracts and then notify the author on its approval. Should this be accepted within the Scientific Program, the author shall then apply for the delivery of the paper to be published in the memories of the congress. The completed papers must be delivered to the Organizing Committee before 15 April, 2012.

In the case of conferences, symposiums, workshops and round tables, presenters must deliver an abstract of no more than 250 words before 15 March, 2012 to the Secretariat of the Congress.


Abstract shall have the following format: title (in capital letters, center margin, not exceeding 20 words), author(s), lecturer’s name underlined, institution(s), Email address, country and topic of the work, type of presentation and audiovisual means required. Abstract should not exceed 250 words, in Arial 12, single space, in Word 6.0 or higher, including: introduction, objectives, methods and conclusions.


Papers must be sent before 15 April, 2012, in electronic format, to be included in the memories of the event. These shall consist of 10 pages and structured as follows: summery, introduction, objectives, materials and methods, results, conclusions and bibliographical references.

MS Word or PDF Adobe Acrobat format for text shall be used in setter type sheets (8½ x 11), one space between lines, font Times New Roman (12 ) with the following specifications:

Centered title, capital, bold letters, not the exceeding 15 words.

The names of the author shall be written at three spaces from the title. Only the initials of the name shall be displayed, followed by the surnames, which shall be separated by commas; the name and surname of the presenters being underlined.

The institution(s) of origin shall now be identified in the following way: name of the institution, postal code, city and country. The e-mail address shall then be added.

Images, charts and/or graphics shall also be a part of the Word or PDF document. The document shall not exceed one mbyte.  Should this be larger than 500 kbytes, a multivolume compact format must be given to it to a maximum size of 500 kbytes for each volume.


They will show up in 82 cm (horizontal width) and 110 cm format (vertical length). In the schedule assigned for the discussion, the principal author will have to stay next to his work to answer questions, for which he will have to be registered in the congress


Entry fee and other payments to be effected in Cuba shall be borne in Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC), official currency in the country (Payment shall be done directly upon accreditation). Delegates shall have access to it upon arrival in Cuba at the airport or at hotel, banks, exchange houses or the convention centre, at the updated rate.

The following currencies are exchangeable: Euros, USD, Canadian dollar, Mexican peso, British pounds, and Swiss francs.

Payment of the congress entry fee shall be done directly at the Havana Convention Center upon accreditation.

Cuban delegates: 200 CUP

Foreign delegates: 0 CUC

Students: $ 80.00 CUC

Accompanying persons: $ 100, 00 CUC

*Only undergraduates duly accredited by their educational centres or with endorsement.

Registration fee includes: accreditation set, participation in scientific and social activities of the event, documentation and certificates of participation and/or presentation of works.

All accompanying persons will have the right to their identification and take part in the official and social activities of the event.

Sports Medicine and Sports Psychology Specializations-related materials can be purchased at an additional price at the accreditation.


Likewise, in the framework of this congress, a Scientific-Commercial Exhibition will be held in the Main Lobby at the Convention Centre, venue of the event, in which both national and international enterprises, laboratories and specialized firms will have an exceptional occasion at their disposal to exhibit and commercialize their equipments, technologies, medicines, literature and other materials related to the event topic.

More information is available by contact to:

Mr. Raúl González Castro

Fair and Associated Exhibition Professional Organizer

Tel.: (537) 208-7541, 202-6011 ext. 1507

Fax: (537)202-8283

E-mail: raulg@palco.cu

International Convention Centre Characteristics

The Convention Centre is an institution specialized in events and congresses of an undeniable prestige in Cuba. The centre has a highly qualified professional personnel and a conference halls-based infrastructure of different formats, all equipped with state of the art technology. Another highlight is its Palco Hotel, with 178 comfortable rooms and services to support its well-deserved 4- star category. The hotel is conveniently close to the Convention Centre and they are both connected through a shopping alley.


CUBADEPORTES S.A. is the specialized enterprise assigned as Official Receiver of the VI INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON MEDICINE AND APPLIED SPORTS AND PHYSICAL

ACTIVITY SCIENCES 2012. CUBADEPORTES S.A. offers you attractive services in Cuba at the hotels:



PALCO****plus (recommended by the Organizing Committee)


In case you need further information on offers and facilities, please contact to:


Calle 20 #710 entre 7ma y 9na Playa

La Habana CUBA

Tel.: (537) 0946 / 48 

Fax: (537) 204 1914




Ph. D. Liliana del Monte del Monte, e-mail: lilianamonte@infomed.sld.cu

M. Sc. Ramsés Raymond Yáñez, e-mail: ramses.raymond@infomed.sld.cu

M. Sc. A

Executive Secretariat

Telephone (53 7) 64371- 48 / 52

Ph. D. Víctor Cabrera Oliva, e-mail: vcabrera@infomed.sld.cu

M. Sc. Wiliam Carvajal Veitía, e-mail: wiliam.carvajal@infomed.sld.cu

Scientific Committee

Tel.: (53 7) 6437149

Lic. Alicia García González

Professional Congress Organizer

Convention Centre, Havana

Tel.: (537) 208-5199

Fax: (537) 202-8382

E-mail: aliciagarcia@palco.cu

In case you need further information, please contact the website at: www.imd.inder.cu

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