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Journal of Excellence Issue No. 15 2011



Note: you may access the individual articles listed below, or a complete copy of the journal in one PDF file

Table of Contents

Journal of Excellence Mission Statement  3


Fully Connected Focus - Interview with Terry Orlick  4

Brittany Glynn , Canada

Sara Plain and Tall - A Story of Pychological Bullying   16

Leanne Nazer-Bloom, Canada

Self-cultivation and Meaning through the Experience of Injury Rehabilitation:

A Case Study of Two Female Basketball Players  28

Jill Tracey, Canada

Causal Attribution among Business Executives  40

Frode Moen, Norway

A Long-Term Consulting Tale in Professional Polo   60

Stiliani Chroni, Greece

Stepping Stones: Positive Living Skills Book Review  76

Brittany Glynn, Canada

Editorial Statement  80

Instructions to Contributors  80

All information is copyright protected and is provided for individual use only. 

Please forward your questions or comments to: excel@zoneofexcellence.ca


Terry Orlick, PhD – Founder and Editor in Chief, the Journal of Excellence.

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