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IV International Convention of Sport and Physical Activity (AFIDE)


The Science University of Physical Culture and Sport “Manuel Fajardo” and the National Institute of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation of the Republic of Cuba, summon for the IV International Convention of Sport and Physical Activity (AFIDE) which will be held in Havana City in December 5 to 8 2011. The Convention's subject will be “Professional Development, Physical Activity and Life Quality."

Its main goal will be to make possible the exchange, promotion and to spread the experiences and the results of the investigations in the field of the applied sciences to the physical activity and sports, how to form professionals in their leadership and management as well as how to use the spare time in order to bring forward a sustainable development when improving life quality.

This convention has been organized by:

• The National Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Recreation.

• The Cuban Olympic Committee.

• The University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences “Manuel Fajardo”.

• The International School for Sports and Physical Education.

• The Higher Latin-American Chess Institute (ISLA).

• The Sports Medicine Institute.

• Cubadeportes S.A. (Cubasports A.S.)

After tree successful editions, the Organizing Committee for the IV International Convention of Sports and Physical Activity (AFIDE 2011), considers that this event has growth mature in such a way that allows it a growth in subject's scope an projection as well.

Participant's Profile:

Professors, investigators, college students, post-high school students, institution's leaders, organizations, and enterprises involved in the Physical Activities and Sport.

Main Subjects:

Formation and improvement of the professionals in physical education and sports.

Direction and management in physical activity and sports.

Computer and communications technologies applied to the physical activity and the sports.

Recreational physical activity, spare time and life quality.

Physical Education (k-1, k-2 and adults)

Physical activity, sports and sustainable development.

Sports education values.

Sports for everybody.

Enfant psico-motion.

High performance sports.

Physical activity and sports in women.

Biomechanical, Biomedical and psychological control in sports training.

Prophylactic and Therapeutic Physical Culture.

Psycho-social features in sports practice.

The Scientific Program will be held through:

• Pre-convention courses

• Masterly Conferences.

• Presentations of aural and posters reports.

• Round Tables.

Events integrated to the convention:

1. IV International Conference on High Performance Sport.

2. 2nd Biomechanics International Simposium.

3. 2nd International workshop "Physical Education and its XXI century perspective".

4. 2nd International workshop “Spare time and Recreational Activities, nowadays challenges".

5. 2nd International workshop “Physical Activity and Management and Sports in global scenario".

6. 2nd International workshop "Physical Activity and Sports. A look from the sciences "

7. 2nd International workshop “The Continuous Improvement of the Physical Culture Professional".

8. 2nd International workshop “Psychology and Sports Medicine ".

9. 2nd International workshop "Sports and Environment ".

10. 1st International Forum of Prophylactic and Therapeutic Physical Culture.

Other Important Activities:

• Specialized visits to centers linked to the physical activity and sports.

• Presentation of books with the convention's subject.

• Associated expositions.

Standards for summaries and synthesis presentation:

Those who are interested in presenting works in this event should send the summaries and synthesis to the Organizing Committee before September 10, 2011 in an electronic format following these standards:

1. The summaries should be presented in Spanish language, in Microsoft Word format (97, 2000 or XP) letter sheet (21.59 cm. width per 27.94 cm height) Arial letter 12 to a 1.5 space and not exceeding the 250 words.

2. It should appear in the summary the title of the work, subject to which is related to, author's name, e-mail, institution and country origin.

3. The synthesis of the work should not exceed the 10 sheets and its design should have cover, a brief, work objective, methodology used and results.

Standards for posters presentation:

In the same way as for the works to be presented, the posters authors should send their works before September 10, 2011 to the Organizing Committee in electronic format following these standards:

1. A Summary in Spanish language, in Microsoft Word Format (97, 2000 or XP) letter sheet (21.59 cm. width per 27.94 cm height) Arial letter 12 to 1.5 space and not exceeding the 250 words.

2. The posters will be presented in a 0.70 m format as minimum (width) for 1.00 m as maximum (height). It should be structured in: title, author, co-authors, institution, country, a work's synthesis with the results obtained together with graphics, photos, etc. that illustrate the word done.

Official Language:

The languages for work presentation will be Spanish, English and Portuguese. The simultaneous interpretation will be available in all working sessions.

The participants will pay the inscription in arriving to Cuba at the event headquarters or by banker transfer to the event receptive before arriving. If the inscription is pay before the 1st October 2011 a 20% discount to the corresponding inscription will be made.

To be able to pay the fees corresponding to students, an official letter should be presented from a university which certifies that the carrier is a pre-graduated student.

The fees for delegates, students and EIEFD graduate inscriptions include: An accreditation module, participation in the convention's activities, an attendance and author's certificate in case of presenting any work the companion's fee inscriptions, fees include: Accreditation and participation in official activities of opening and closure.

We invited you to visit Havana City and enjoy these five wonderful days. We are sure you will enjoy the safety atmosphere and hospitality that Cuban offer, the weather's kindness, as well as, the natural beauties of the country besides the magic atmosphere that only this city can bring and you may know our colonial squares full of interesting stories.

Welcome to Havana


Ms.C. Luis del Toro Reyes

afide@inder.cu, ldtoro@inder.cu, cindyfc@uccfd.cu

Ave. Santa Catalina #12453 e/ Boyeros y Primelles, Cerro, La Havana, Cuba,

Phone Number: (53) (7) 648-71-35

Fax: (53) (7) 649-95-60


CUBADEPORTES S.A. is the Agency for specialized trips academic scientific and professional exchange of sports in Cuba

Street 20 # 710 e/ 7ma y 9na. Miramar, Playa, Havana City, Cuba

Phone Number: (53) (7) 204-09-46 y 48

Fax: (53) (7) 204-19-14

E-mail: agenciac@cubadeportes.cu


Lic. Alicia García González.

Phone Number: (537) 208 5199, 202 6011 al 19, ext. 1510.

Fax: (537) 202 8382.

E-mail: aliciagarcia@palco.cu.




PHONE: (537) 2045928

FAX: (537) 2041914


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