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Nuevo número de Revista Motricidade



Oct | Nov | Dec 2010   vol. 6   issue 4


Two years in a journal's life: Looking into the future  [editorial]  
J. Vasconcelos-Raposo
The effect of an attention strategy in the learning of the long jump  
J. Medina-Papst, C.R.C. Candido, E. Xavier Filho, I. Marques

Reaction time and efficiency of the goalball player in interception/defense of throwing/attack  

G.P. Silva, V.R. Pereira, P.P. Deprá, J.I. Gorla
Practitioners' reasons for remaining in physical exercise programs offered by the Social
Service of Commerce − Brazil  

M.S. Castro, N.L. Silva, W. Monteiro, A. Palma, H.G. Resende
Relationships between physical activity, physical fitness, somatic fitness, and coordination along
childhood and adolescence  

J.P. Saraiva, L.P. Rodrigues
Reproducibility of an effort protocol during deep-water running 
     I.R.S. Silva, L.S. Oliveira, M.F. Berenguer, A.V.F. Sousa, J.A. Nascimento, M.C. Costa
Effects of cryotherapy and thermotherapy associated with static stretching on the flexibility of
hamstring muscles  
S.A. Silva, D.J. Oliveira, M.J.N. Jaques, R.C. Araújo


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