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Body enhancements and (il)legal drugs in sport and exercise – human and social science perspectives.


Call for abstracts

About the conference:

The aim of the conference is to share information and knowledge about body enhancement and doping in different countries and different contexts such as elite sports, recreational activities and fitness exercises. At the same time, the event will provide the opportunity for networking and promoting international cooperation in the field of doping research from a human and social science perspective.

Renowned scholars with various backgrounds and perspectives will deliver keynotes. In addition, colleagues working in this field are invited to present papers in thematic sessions.

For additional information on the conference visit our website at http://www.ifi.ku.dk/english/communication/dopingconference2010/

Call for abstracts

Deadline for submission of abstract: August 15, 2010.

Notification of acceptance: September 1, 2010.

Abstracts may not exceed 3000 characters (including spaces, title, authors and institutions). They should contain main questions, theoretical approaches, methods and results.

Submit by email to rjeppesen@ifi.ku.dk.

Subthemes – as suggestions

Athlete’s perspectives on performance enhancement and doping

Doping and body modification in the fitness area

Media coverage of doping cases and anti-doping initiatives

Measuring doping attitudes, intentions and behaviour

Doping prevention programs

 Doping in youth sports

New trends in performance enhancement – knowledge, policies and practices

 Anti-doping policies and strategies in various countries

Doping discourses and narratives

Gender aspects of body modification and performance enhancements

Disabled athletes / ageing bodies and the use of (il)legal drugs

Please feel free to send in abstracts to other topics with human and social sciences.


There will be no conference fee, but registration is necessary. Deadline for registration is October 1st 2010.

For additional information

Please contact Rikke Jeppesen rjeppesen@ifi.ku.dk.

gpfister@ifi.ku.dk www.ifi.ku.dk/english/research/research_ groups

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