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40th Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society


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Join social scientists and educators from around the world as they explore new and compelling research on the development of self-regulation and autonomy.

Like the major rivers that meet in St. Louis, self-regulation and autonomy represent a special confluence in the study of human conduct. The Jean Piaget Society has invited a distinguished group of scholars to share their work and guide our exploration of the social, developmental, and educational currents of this year's conference theme.

Featuring Presentations by:

Richard M Ryan, University of Rochester
Motivation and development go to school: How classroom environments affect student engagement, well-being, and performance

Edward L Deci, University of Rochester
The importance of autonomy for development & well-being

Wendy S Grolnick, Clark University
Facilitating self-regulation in the family: Balancing socialization and autonomy goals

Charles S Carver, University of Miami
Serotonergic function and dual process models of self-regulation: What impulsive aggression and depression have in common

Larry P Nucci, University of California, Berkeley
‘It's a part of life to do what you want:' The role of personal choice in social development

R Keith Sawyer, Washington University in St. Louis
Constructivism and creativity: Social processes that promote individual autonomy

And invited symposia organized by:

Clancy Blair, New York University
The developmental relations between cognitive & affective aspects of self-regulation

Stephanie Carlson, University of Minnesota
Self-regulation and school success

Jeremy Carpendale, Simon Fraser University
Social interaction and moral normativity

Jack Martin, Simon Fraser University
Developmental perspectives on human agency

Ask us about Continuing Education Units!

Scholars interested in knowledge and development are invited to participate whatever their discipline. Submissions need not address the program theme - all submissions are welcome.

To participate please view the Call for Program Proposals

Travel Awards are available

Conference Organizers:
Bryan Sokol (St. Louis University)
Frederick Grouzet (University of Victoria)
Ulrich Müller (University of Victoria)

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