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Sport Psychology Contemporary Themes


Sport Psychology Contemporary Themes

David Lavalle. John Kremer. Aidan Moran y Mark Williams


'This book presents the current themes of research in the ambit of Sport Psychology and exhaustively discusses all the main issues and their evolution, offering a wide picture of the current trends of theory and practice in this field. A large amount of practical examples and empirical tests fit in and supported by a theoretical frame, makes this book an imdispensahle tool for Sport , Psychology students at any level and for all people interested in sport science and psychology programs.' - International Journal of Sport Psychology


Sport Psychology presents an accessible overview of current research and debate in the psychology of sport and exercise. Combining important theoretical frameworks and current empirical evidence, it uses sporting examples to explain concepts and applications in a clear and engaging way. The history, background and theory of each topic is discussed, before putting theory into practice through the use of case studies and practical examples. Written by internationally renowned authors, this text is essential reading for students of sport psychology at all levels, whether as part of sport studies, sport science or psychology programmes


Practicing Sport Psychology
Sport Expertise
Acquiring Sport Skill
The Athlete's Career
Exercise and Mental Health

Author Biographies

DAVID LAVALLEE is Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology Loughborough University.
JOHN KREMER is Reader in Applied Social Psychology at Queen's University, Belfast.
AIDAN MORAN is a Professor in the School of Psychology at University College, Dublin.
MARK WILLIAMS is a Professor of Motor Behaviour at Liverpool John Moores University.

04 Nov 2003

ISBN: 978-1-4039-3770-4

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