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Referencias sobre jóvenes deportistas y desordenes alimentarios


David P. Dillard

Publicó una lista de referencias bibliográficas sobre:

Youth Sports and Disordered Eating

Here are some article citations that may help provide you with content and ideas you can use in your article. Weighing the odds for young overweight athletes

Burnell, Susie.

Sports Coach 2004 v. 27 no. 2 p. 17-19

Exercise and children's health

Lou J E,

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Nutrient Needs of Young Athletes

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Weight control through exercise and diet for children and young athletes

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Risk factors for no contact ankle sprains in high school football players: the role of previous ankle sprains and body mass index

Tyler T F

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Elitism in Youth Sports Yields Physical Fatness

Reed, Ken.

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Oxygen-Uptake Efficiency Slope as a Determinant of Fitness in Overweight Adolescents

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Brady, Sheila; Yanovski, Jack  A.

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Fatness, Fitness, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents

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Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

August 2007 v. 39 no. 8 p. 1251-1256

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