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Conferencia Anual de la AASP


AASP Annual Conference

October 24 - 27, 2007
Louisville, KY

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology holds its annual conference every fall. The goals of the conference include:  

promoting the science and practice of sport and exercise psychology,

providing opportunities for professional networking,

discussing information related to theory development and research, and

sharing ideas about the provision of psychological services to consumers. 

View Conference Program (PDF) »

2007 Conference Highlights

Coleman Griffith Lecture

    Sport Psychology: Field of Dreams? 

    Robin Vealey, Ph.D. 

Health and Exercise Psychology Keynote  

Behavioral Choice Theory and Physical Activity
Leonard H. Epstein, Ph.D. 

Performance Enhancement and Intervention Keynote 
   Paralympics and Sport Psychology: 
   A Winning Team for Success

   Bob Lujano, M.S. 
Social Psychology Keynote
    Cultural Performance, Diversity and Sport:

   A Scholar-Baller Theory and Practice Gameplan
   C. Keith Harrison, Ed.D.

Invited Lectures

Cultural Studies of Sport Psychology and the Formation of a Multicultural, Socially Just Sport Studies
   Handel Wright, University of British Columbia  

Three Decades of Research on Coaching Effectiveness: What Do We Know and Where Should We Go?
   Thelma Horn, Miami University

Plus Much More...

Conference Program - will be posted August 15

Pre-conference 2007 Anti-Doping Congress

31 Colloquia/Symposiums

47 Lecture sessions

20 Workshops

AASP Anti-Doping Congress 2007

Drug Abuse in Sport and Exercise Communities:  Coming Clean  

The Galt House, Louisville, KY

Tuesday Evening, October 23, 2007 & Wednesday October 24

Congress Sessions will include: 

An Ethical Framework for Viewing Doping in Sport
Dr. Andrew Pipe, University of Ottawa, Canada

Motivation for Drug Use and Abuse in Sport and Exercise
Dr. Leslee Fischer and Dr. Tracy Olrich    

Repercussions of "Just Come Back Bigger, Son"
Don Hooton-Taylor Hooton foundation

Why it's so hard to stop: An introspective on steroid use
Sean Mullen, PhD Candidate, UVA

Drug Use Across Ages and Stages in Sport and Exercise
Dr. Gary Green, UCLA Drug Testing Labs, A Consultant to Major League Baseball

Protecting Children from the Role Modeling of Drug Abuse by Elite and Professional Athletes - A Media Perspective

A Round Table: "Bring on the Heavy Hitters"
Dr. Sharon Stoll, Dr. Brenda Bredemeier, Dr. Dan Gould, a representative from American Association of Osteopathic Sports Medicine and other associations; Chaired by Dr. Michael Stuart, AOSSM, USA Hockey, Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center

Does Part of the Solution Lie in the Written Word?
Ross Bernstein, author of "The Code" and a new book coming out on Steroid Use in MLB

Has the Anti-Drug Coalition A Soul for Social Change?
Paul Loeb, Social Activist....author of Taking on the Impossible May Take a Little While

Identifying Objectives, Components, Process and Evaluation of our Action Plan.....Panel of Faculty


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