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Temas de la próxima Convención de la Div. 47 de la APA

Division 47 Program Highlights
August 17- 20, 2007

Workshop: Overcoming Barriers to Performance Consulting: Starting Early Workshop Presented by Joe Frontiera and Dan Leidl
Exercise & Sport Psychology Award Lectures
Exercise & Sport Psychology Science Award: Britton W. Brewer, Ph.D. (Springfield College) – Full-Cycle Psychology of Sport Injury Rehabilitation
Poster Session: Exercise & Sport Psychology
Discussion: Future of Sport Psychology Training---The Coexistence of Performance Enhancement and Clinical Psychology
Participants: William Parham, Alette Coble-Temple, Alison Rhodius, Gail Solt, Kurt Meyers, & Margaret Hodges

Executive Committee Meeting
Running Psychologists Business Meeting

Workshop: Using the Mindfulness-- Acceptance--Commitment Approach to
Enhance Performance

Workshop Presented by Zella Moore and Frank Gardner

Symposium: Performance Psychology in Action: Practical Applications Across Different Domains
Butterfly Professions: Sport Burnout, Injury, and Retirement (Peterson)
Nailing Auditions without Falling Apart (Hays)
Sport Psychology Consultants’ Roles in Treating Athletes with Disordered Eating (Cogan)
Consulting for Peak Performance: Walking the Walk (Brown)

Discussion (Hamilton)

Presidential Address: Kirsten Peterson Ph.D. (USOC)
What Olympic Athletes Have Taught Me about Sport Psychology
Social Hour: Fun, Food and Friends: Social Hour with the United States Olympic Committee
29th Annual Running Psychologists’ APA 5K “Ray’s Race & Walk”

Symposium: Understanding and Preventing Steroid Use and Abuse
Psychological Dependency to Anabolic Steroids: The Immediate Social Context (Olrich & Vassallo)
Aggression and Anabolic Steroid Use (Darkes) Steroids Use: Treatment Issues and Implications for Prevention (Kilmer)

Discussion (Martens)

Paper Session: Applied Social Psychology of Sport
Examination of Psychological Variables Underlying Attitudes Toward Doping in Sport (Kirby,Moran &Guerin)
Athletes’ and Coaches’ Perspectives of Effective Sport Psychology Consultants (Watson, Lubker, Visek & Geer)
Empirical Investigation of Expertise in Golf Putting and Green-Reading (Campbell & Moran)
Invited Address: Steven R. Heyman Memorial Keynote Lecture
Richard L. Hilderbrand, Ph.D. (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency)
Deterring Elite Athlete Doping: Education, Testing, and Consequences

Workshop: Changing Healthy Behaviors: Intersections of Exercise,
Psychology, and Psychotherapy

Workshop presented by Zizzi & Hays

Workshop: Developing a Positive Team Environment: USA Track and Field

Workshop Presented by Portenga & Aoyagi
Exercise Psychology Action (Outcome-Based) Study on Improving Exercise Adherence (Anshel)
Exercise Referral as a Psychological Treatment Approach: Preliminary Results from a Qualitative Investigation (Hilton & Minniti)
Examining the Revised Social-Cognitive Model of Achievement Motivation (Stevenson & Lochbaum)
Performance Issues in Sport Determining Individual Affect-Related Performance Zones: A Tutorial (Johnson, Edmunds & Tenenbaum)
Do Aerobic Fitness and Impulsiveness Affect Neurocognitive Performance Following Exertion? (Kontos,Elbin & Covassin)
Motor Cognition and Imagery: Debunking Myths in Applied Sport Psychology (Moran & MacIntyre)
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